Eastern Slope Inn Resort Installs Advanced, Flat Panel Solar System

Friday, October 10, 2014

North Conway, NH- If Harvey Dow Gibson was told that the water consumed by his beloved Eastern Slope Inn Resort back in 1937 was to be heated by the sun, skepticism and disbelief would have certainly been followed by astound amazement.  While no single step can reverse the effects of climate change, a collective initiative certainly can make a difference. The Hotel and Hospitality industry is one such industry that has been at the forefront of a proactive movement in the implementation of Green initiatives.

What was once simply perceived as an act of environmental consciousness has evolved into effective, cost saving business practices.  North Conway New Hampshire’s Eastern Slope Inn Resort, designated with the state’s Sustainable Lodging & Restaurant Program’s highest environmental rating, “Environmental Champion,” has most recently installed a flat panel solar energy solution to further the reduction of its carbon footprint.

“Located in a region where the natural environment plays such a crucial role in the appeal to New Hampshire’s Mount Washington Valley and North Conway region, Eastern Slope Inn Resort’s Green initiatives are an investment in protecting our natural resources,” said Frank Guerriero, Director of Marketing.  That investment is easily recognized from resort-wide recycling initiatives and eco-friendly products, to fluorescent lighting and energy-efficient, low water consumption washers and dryers.  The Resort’s Sustainability Committee proactively seeks out ways to invest in Green initiatives to continually reduce the Resort’s environmental impact, including the use of no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint.

Eastern Slope Inn Resort takes great pride in its environmental strategy, spear-headed by Gil Harris, Chair of the Resort’s Sustainability Committee. “The recent implementation of solar panels is reflective of the Resort’s proactive commitment to incorporating best-in-practice Green initiatives as they become available,” said Harris.  Eastern Slope Inn Resort has developed a four-point sustainability strategy that includes:

(1)     Natural resource conservation

(2)     Waste and pollution reduction

(3)     Enhancing indoor environmental quality

(4)     Raising environmental awareness among our associates, vendors, and  community

“At Eastern Slope Inn, we believe that economic growth is directly tied to the health and welfare of the environment. Accordingly, we embrace our responsibility for environmental stewardship and are committed to practicing and promoting sustainability practices in our business strategy,” said Dick Schwalbenberg, Chief Operations Officer.

Since 2004, Eastern Slope Inn has taken a proactive stance in establishing Resort-wide “Green” practices, while collaborating with their suppliers, commercial partners, and community members to actively monitor the environmental impact of their business activities – committed to reducing emissions and maximizing conservation. Beginning in 2013, Eastern Slope Inn Resort formally launched a “Sustainability Team” whose soul function is to establish best-in-practice Green initiatives and strategies for Eastern Slope Inn Resort.

“We realize that we, as well as many of our industry peers, are in the process of developing the policies and procedures necessary to achieve these important environmental goals,” said Guerriero.  “It is our responsibility to support a healthy environment and to ensure the natural wonders of the greater Mount Washington region are here for future generations to enjoy.”